Bride devastated as wedding dog dies after being left in hot van for two hours

A newlywed couple’s joy turned to heartache when their dog died later that day after being left in a scorching van.

Ffion James, 30, tied the knot with Ben Hill, 31, while their pug Luna was guest of honour for their confetti walk.

The beaming couple posed for photographs holding hands after their nuptials with Ben holding their beloved pooch in his arms.

But just hours after the stunning snaps were taken Luna was dead.

The couple had booked her into kennels for her to be cared for while they enjoyed the rest of their wedding day.

But she was left in the back of a van for two hours before she was checked in.

Ffion and Ben, who were taking Luna on their honeymoon, have now cancelled it because they are so upset.

The couple, who live in the village of Preston, near Stevenage, Hertfordshire, now want the kennels closed down.

Ffion said: “I’m absolutely devastated and still can’t bring myself to look at the photos.

“To think my Luna was dying in the back of a van while we were celebrating is just too horrific to contemplate.”

Ffion and Ben wed on Friday at South Farm wedding venue, in Royston. It was one of the hottest days of the year so far with temperatures hitting 28C.

They arranged for Luna to be picked up by Country Boarding for Cats and Dogs, in Baldock the day before.

She was then brought to the wedding for their confetti walk.

“It was just so hot that it wasn’t fair on Luna so we asked for her to be collected by the kennels, to be brought back,” Ffion added.

“We woke to find out our beautiful little puggy had died shortly after these photos were taken.

“They put her in a van, parked in their car park and then just forgot about her. Poor Luna died in what was basically an oven.”

“She was found a few hours later but it was already too late.

“The weather would have made the van unbearably hot, and I can’t imagine the suffering she must have gone through.

“Everyone who knows us knows that we adored our little Luna and we are completely traumatised that we have lost her too soon.

“But also in such a horrific and unimaginable way. She was our baby, best friend and entire world.

“We can’t believe she is gone and what should have been the best weekend of our lives is now ruined and a living nightmare.”

Country Boarding Cats and Dogs has apologised to the couple. But project coordinator Ffion added: “It’s not good enough just to say sorry.

“We want everyone to know what happened and the kennels closed down in case it happens again.”

The couple have cancelled their honeymoon to Bath while they come to terms with it.

Renate Burrowes, who co-owns Country Boarding for Cats and Dogs with her husband Jeremy said: “On Friday, July 8, an incident happened in which a dog died in our care, which has devastated us all here at Country Boarding.

“We care deeply for all the animals we look after and to have something like this happen has left us completely heartbroken.

“We wanted to provide more details here so customers know exactly what happened and so you know what we’ve done to ensure something like this can never happen again.

“Jeremy picked little Luna up from her owners’ wedding venue and brought her back to the kennels at 3pm.

“When he arrived back he was urgently called in to fix a system issue which was affecting customers in reception.

“This distracted Jeremy from notifying a staff member to come and collect the dog, as would be the normal procedure. Two hours later, I found Luna in the van at 5pm.

“I found she was unresponsive at that time despite trying, I could not revive her.

“I cradled her and held her, and with the help of a member of staff laid her in a dog bed.”

She added: “We were so heartbroken for this little dog and so wished for her to come alive again.

“Those sorts of miracles seldom happen, and so my next thought concerned her owners.

“I tried to contact them without success and several messages were left. It was their wedding day which of course is also what has made this all the more so upsetting.

“I felt it necessary to wait with Luna here at the kennels overnight, in case any of my messages were picked up and the owner wanted to come straight away.

“We made contact in the morning and the owners came within the hour to pick up their dog.

“Since then, we have been in contact with the owners about the next steps, which is a private matter and whilst we know we can’t bring Luna back, we will work with them to ensure we help and support them in any way we can.

“Whilst it sounds an unimaginable mistake to make, humans make mistakes and all we can do now is learn from this incident.

“The blame for this incident lies entirely with us, as the business owners and not with our wonderful employees.”